A.L.T.A. Spa is an italian company, established in 1968,to service the needs of the hydraulic cylinder industry. We are one of the largest suppliers in Europe and it is now our aim to become one of the major suppliers worldwide.

A.L.T.A. Spa didn't spare expenses and efforts in continuous research to achieve the highest quality grade and service, which has been universally recognised to enhance our reputation.

Around the end of 1992, A.L.T.A. Spa became one of the first companies in this business sector, to achieve the certification of quality warranty according to ISO 9002 (today UNI EN ISO 9001:2015). Now A.L.T.A. Spa is able to offer to its customers a much more comprehensive range of products in the form of hydraulic package, complemented by products manufactured by other italian companies and tested by A.L.T.A. Spa itselves.






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